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Linda Elison
Pearwood Solicitors

Me and my partner flew to Australia. I was really worried about the effects of the long flight as we flew from the UK. Soft Wise Travel Issues provided us with the information we needed, and it made me feel so much more relaxed along the journey!†

Jennifer Baxter
Baxter Tech

I fly to the states on business alot and often require advise on the health aspects of the long haul flights. I now feel at ease and relaxed when flying and know exactly what I need to do to remain safe!

Margaret Leonards
Bristol, UK

My son was flying to New Zealand to stay with his father and I was really concerned about the effects the long haul flight could have on his health. The team at Soft Wise Travel Issues gave me all the information I needed!

Have you been looking for an adventure to go on this summer? Are you thinking of going a little bit further afield for this journey? Well we have compiled a list of the top ten long haul travel destinations of 2013, along with their associated health issues and necessary precautions.†

1 - India

There are a number of vaccinations that you should be up to date on when travelling to India. Polio, Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR), Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis (DTP) and varicella (chickenpox) are all advised to have, as well as your yearly flu shot.†

2 - China

It is important to take the same vaccinations as stated with India, plus†Malaria and Rabies depending on the specific location in China.

3 - Australia

Even though many parts of Australia are built up there is still a risk of insect bites and diseases that can be spread through them. Mosquitos, tics and spiders are the most common. To avoid these wear long sleeved clothing, try not to be outside for too long during dusk and dawn, and wear insect repellant containing DEET.†

4 - New Zealand

The sun can be highly strong during the summer time. It is important to stay safe while outside. Wear sunscreen, and protective clothing including a sun hat and sunglasses to avoid sunburn. If you do get burnt then use after sun. Make sure to keep hydrated, as sunstroke is very common in the summer heat. Seek shade when necessary and try to avoid being in the direct sunlight from 12-3 when the sun is at its highest.†

5 - America

The average flight time from the UK to America is 10 hours and therefore you need to be cautious of Deep Vein Thrombosis, DVT for short. This can occur during long haul flights, when blood clots form in the legs due to prolonged immobility. †This can cause life threatening complications if not treated. †A way of detecting DVT is by being aware of the symptoms, namely, swelling and/or pain in the legs, ankles or feet. It normally occurs in just one side, but can be in both. If it travels to the lungs than it can cause chest pains so this is another sign to look out for.†

To prevent DVT practice compressing your leg muscles, wear special flight socks and drink plenty of fluids. DVT can affect you on any long haul flight; it is relevant to all of the destinations in this article but will not be repeated for each one.

6 - Brazil

When in Brazil it is important to avoid germs spread through animals. Even though most animals would rather avoid human contact, some may attack when feeling threatened or protective. If you are bitten or scratched then you are at risk of rabies, and should therefore be very careful. Don't touch animals that you do not know and especially do not allow them to lick an open wound, or get their saliva in your mouth or eyes.†

7 - Taiwan

Avoid catching or spreading germs while in Taiwan by washing your hands thoroughly and often, especially around meal times. If there arenít any taps available then use hand sanitiser.†

If your hands arenít clean than do not touch your mouth or eyes, and make sure to always use a tissue when sneezing or coughing.†

8 - Vietnam

You can get typhoid through contaminated food or water in Vietnam. CDC recommends this vaccine for most travelers, especially if you are staying with friends or relatives, visiting smaller cities or rural areas, or if you are an adventurous eater.

9 - Chile

Hepatitis B can be caught through contaminated needles, sexual contact, and blood products. It is recommended when travelling to unfamiliar destinations for extra safety.

10 - Singapore

When travelling to Singapore it is important to be cautious of rabies. Bats can have rabies, however in Singapore the dogs do not. If you are going to be taking part in outdoor activities in remote areas for example caves and forests, or you are working around bats in say a wildlife park, then it is recommended to have your rabies vaccination.†